Face Paint & Body Art

I love to paint. I love glitter.  I love the smile that comes with the flash of the mirror.  I love that in five minutes or less a person can go from being introverted and silent to completely silly and joyful.  


No face paint is just like another because no person is like any other.  We are all gloriously gifted with our own beauty, imperfection and talent.  And although I love compliments about what I do, my goal is to get you to think about your own gifts and how can you serve others.  


I started painting faces in 2011 because I wanted to serve God's children, young and old, in a unique way.  I hope everyone who sits in my chair can take themselves just a little less seriously when they leave and feels like a rock star! In addition to paint, I will also pray for you if you just ask and sometimes when you don't.


Warning....Face paint may result in paparazzi!  But, you look gorgeous so enjoy it!