Private Parties & Events


On demand painting or henna with all the bells and whistles (bling & glitter) within the Edmond/OKC area. I supply my own chairs, tables, henna or professional cosmetics. I don't charge extra for travel in Edmond/OKC or set up time. My clock starts when the paint does and usually includes a few extra guests you had no idea were attending. 

  • $75 per hour (15-17 Full Faces per hour or 20-25 Half Faces



Corporate Parties & Events

2 Professional Painters painting full range of faces on demand within Edmond/OKC areas. We supply our own chairs, compact paint tables & professional cosmetics. 

  • $75 per hour per Painter (2 hr minimum)
  • Two+ Painters available for large events
  • $25 one-time fee for Festival Tent for outdoor events lasting more than two hours.
  • Travel fee may apply outside our service area

Please remember that hiring Glory Bee Faces for your event encourages families with young children to attend and participate.


Fundraising, Church & School Events

There are several payment options available for those seeking to use a face painter to raise money. I would be happy to negotiate services with your school or organization.  Please contact me and let's see what I can do to help you.


Are you looking for a face painting booth for entertainment at your event without the cost?  Just give me the time and place. I'm happy to set up a pay-per-face booth at no charge to you.  Raising money for a cause? I can make a donation back to help.


I love to work with churches and charitable organizations. While these organizations are an important part of my business, please understand I have an enormous investment in what I do including my training, my tools and equipment, insurance and all the other related costs of any business. I'm a professional artist from my college degree to face painting kit and other related work. Please respect the level of experience and quality as well as the time that I put into my labor for you by paying a fair price.  And if you are blown away by the service, by all means, I love a good tip. I'm grateful to God who faithfully provides the opportunity to be a part of your special event and I do devote charity to at least three organizations per year.